About Eternal Force

Eternal Force (EF) is a family-friendly, socially oriented alliance guild on Ysera server (US). We believe in progressing our characters through Azeroth with each others help. There is no cookie-cutter definition of a member.  Some members are grandparents, while some are still in High School. The thread that weaves us all together is the shared belief that the camaraderie of friends is more important than cutting edge progression and shiny purple things. 

Are we serious about raiding? Yes. However, we are not hardcore.  We raid consistently and progress as a guild. Our guild offers the ability to raid in an environment that tolerates mistakes, real life commitments, and fun.

Eternal Force leadership believes that:

  • It's okay to AFK during a raid to deal with family or personal issues
  • It's possible to have mature conversations that are not inappropriate
  • You can ask questions without being made fun of
  • Anyone, given appropriate help and time, can be a great player
  • Your character is yours to spec and gear the way you want
  • We are a guild that raids; not a raiding guild
  • Gear comes and goes, but our friendships will last through the raids

Over the years, Eternal Force has taken on many challenges that have tested its commitment to the above values and yet-we have managed to not only survive, but to grow. We look forward to a prosperous future on Ysera in progressing through new content and building an even stronger community.

We believe that fun, progression, and real life are combined into a virtual community that is ETERNAL FORCE.
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